Printed marketing materials can often be considered expensive, and in the hands of the inexperienced can often miss the mark. However, to say that print marketing is dead is just not the case. We are moving in to a more digital world yes, but don’t be fooled. In the hands of the right people, including print in your marketing campaigns can net you a lot more brand new customers. Here are 5 reasons why print is an essential element of your next marketing masterpiece.

  1. Print is engaging

I can relate to this one. Statistics show that people will spend on average around 15 seconds on a website. Now that sounds like quite a bold statement but I can see where it’s coming from. Countless times I will click to a website homepage, skim through what is on the screen and migrate away shortly after. However, on average when people have something to hold they will spend more time reading it. Print engages the reader for a longer period of time, on average a person will spend 43 minutes reading a magazine.

  1. Print is shared

If someone is touched by a direct mail piece they have read they are likely to pass it on. says that 23% of mail is passed round a household. Showing that one piece of mail can reach more than one consumer. I can imagine this would have a similar effect in an office environment as well, where a well presented direct mail piece is passed around. Quite the opposite effect to an email which is usually deleted after its read.

  1. Print lasts

Brochures, posters, leaflets and merchandise are physical items. These can often stay in offices and houses for weeks, months or even years. If I look on my desk now I can see a branded pen, mug and notepad all that I have picked up from other companies. They are useful items that stay around as a constant reminder of your brand.

  1. Print is essential to a cross-platform strategy

In a world where everyone is switching to digital, print is starting to stand out again. This is made even more prominent now that physical print can link with digital content. But what some companies are also cleverly doing is; using print to drive traffic through to the online site. This will always improve sales using both media’s in unison, to get the best result.

  1. Print strengthens your brand

You can’t put a website on a billboard can you? Print is a way to really show off the amazing design of your brand. It allows you to fully establish your brand bring all the aesthetics of colour, font and texture that solidifies the recognition of your brand. Moreover it is the best medium to show off your design. There is a reason why catalogues are still popular, even for companies who make a lot of sales online. Print is absolute.

What was old is becoming new again and used in conjunction together, new and old can be a powerful and innovative asset.