Marketing is all about connecting and effectively communicating with customers and stakeholders to maximise the client base, grow the business and strengthen the brand. More and more businesses are now realising how essential effective marketing is with 77% of B2B marketers saying they are going to be producing more content in 2017 (Content Marketing Suite). With this increase in literature being pushed out there is always going to be a parallel increase in competition. In order to stay ahead of the competition, marketers are having to come up with: new, innovative and smart ideas to successfully communicate a message.

With this being said here are 6 mistakes you need to avoid when trying something ground breaking, so that it doesn’t turn sour… quick!

  1. Going overboard

There is a very fine line here. It is easy to get carried away with an extravagant idea, only to have it miss the mark. On the flip side, not enough energy and charisma in the campaign and it will also fall short. There always needs to be a balance. The ideas need to be new and innovative enough to catch attention and drive interest but also simple enough to hold focus.

  1. Not identifying your target market

Again this is an important one. Especially prominent in direct mail marketing campaigns, digital and social media marketing campaigns. You can create the perfect campaign, no faults, impeccable, but if this goes out to the wrong end user, it is highly likely they will never purchase your product or service. You would be barking up the wrong tree. For example sending out offers on a brand new skate park to an audience with an average age of 75 is not going to provide the end result you are looking for. Identify who would benefit most from your product/service and start from there.

  1. Using only one channel

Now when running a marketing campaign there are multiple channels to go down: physical mail, email, social media etc. To maximise your campaign you cannot ignore anything. It must be utilised across all channels effectively and strategically. This will reach out and increase brand interest. Therefore, the campaign will yield the highest results and reach a wider audience (the more channels you use). You’re going to pique the interest somewhere right?

  1. Not monitoring statistics and pursuing

Marketing is a great tool, and it has come a long way recently. It is all about pushing your bespoke product/service out to the masses. But the whole idea eventually is to make a sale and generate revenue. You need to monitor how your audience responds; what they like, what they don’t like, so you’re giving the correct information and offers to the right audience. In the B2B world this means following up on your statistics. If a prospect shows interest they are unlikely to call you, be persistent!

  1. Ignoring blogs

A lot of people think blogs are a waste of time. Whether you are an up and coming SME or a worldwide conglomerate you will benefit from a blog. Some of the largest companies such as Coca-Cola utilise very effective blogs. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website, increasing net new customers and retaining existing business as well. Fostering a warm interest in what you do is a perfect addition to any campaign.

  1. Overlooking great customer service

In any type of business this is again important. The worst mistake to make with any marketing campaign would be ineffective or bad customer service. Word of mouth spreads faster than anything. This can turn customers away just as much as it can draw them in. Excellent customer service is imperative and doesn’t cost a penny, but it can turn a customer into an ambassador for your brand and an ally to spread the good word.

Marketing can be simple and does not need to be expensive or hard. It just requires some creativity, common sense and energy. Be sure to avoid these mistakes I have outlined and get stuck in to some great campaigns!