Cross media marketing is something that I promote a lot in these blogs, but I’ve never fully described the benefits. What even is cross media marketing? Well, it’s the combination of; Traditional print (direct mail, signage and POS) with digital media (mobile, web and social networks) used in conjunction, during a campaign or otherwise. A trans-media marketing strategy is essential in this day and age in order to maintain and grow a multi-channel audience. Moving forward to the future, the importance becomes more apparent. B2C customer bases are ever changing and B2B decision makers are diversifying. Expressing your brand through multiple media outlets will increase interest and also loyalty by extending your reach.

Creating a buying environment

The majority of consumers are not ready to buy immediately. Cross media marketing techniques allow you to communicate your brand and nurture leads and relationships over time. This can lead to a potential customer and more importantly, holding on to current customers. The idea being a creation of interest in a solution or product, followed by an upkeep of that interest. In a B2C environment for instance, this can be promotional offers that are pushed out on social media, direct mail and email mediums. The sole purpose can be generating interest, resulting in a prospect wanting to buy before you have sold anything.

Direct mail and personal email links

Conventional email marketing, lead generation & management, coupled with personalised direct mail campaigns can actually increase conversion rates by up to 24%. Adding in online landing pages and social media messages as well can create a powerful strategy. Email today is an important concept of any campaign, however, when used together with: data capture, online web forms and social media interaction your emails can be sent at a time when the consumer is already interested in your product/solution.

Cleverly automated, this can be a constant working strategy that will create a lead and warm it up without using much manpower at all.

With easy reports produced in regards to response (open rate, click rate & interest rates) it enables you to analyse and improve your campaign to get the best ROI at all times.

Moving forward with the times

Trans-media tactics are actually quite subjective. Although automation (as previously stated) does work well, sending the same message through the same channels is not going to work. Specific channels will work better with specific audiences. Utilising data capture and smart software you can tailor campaigns to different audiences through their respective channels.

A great example of utilising this strategy is using physical print to link with digital content. In turn this will generate data which can help your marketing be bespoke to individuals. More than just a QR code, interactive print is normal print which links to an on screen interactive page. This page can have data capture forms etc. to log details and what the customer is interested in.

As I am sure is said a multitude of times by a multitude of bloggers; it’s essential for any marketing campaign to encompass more than one media channel. As times move forward, I am excited to see how cross media solutions will develop and grow and what may become possible.