Yes. That typo is intended… and the pun is too. Jokes aside, this is something that happens far more often than it should. Printing errors are everywhere. It is a more common phenomenon than you think. It stems from not enough quality control checks and a rushed approach. It may seem funny at the time and seeing it happen is relatively amusing. However, when you have been slaving over a marketing campaign for months, poured your heart and soul into it, see it out in the open, and there’s a mistake. Heartbroken doesn’t quite cover it.

Effects of printing errors

It may seem like not much of a big deal, but a brand is more important than you think. Your brand is the most effective way to communicate your message. Everything that is associated with your brand is key. There is not a lot worse than a tarnished brand. In marketing there are a number of mediums that can feature a brand: point of sale, a leaflet or even a direct mail piece will usually carry a logo. This logo or image is, in effect, your brand and company message. Having this right next to a spelling mistake is more than just an embarrassment. This sends a message that your brand is related to this kind of blunder. A supplier of these essential types of marketing materials needs to realise the importance of a brand and be able to cherish it.

It is not just typos that will communicate a bad message. Any form of mistake will be carried with your brand, and this kind of tarnish sticks. Say you run a flash marketing campaign and there are 5 types of medium that make it up. For arguments sake let’s imagine your brand colour is orange. If across the campaign the colour is faded, the type is blurry etc. The campaign will not have the desired effect. The brand, colour and image will be associated with a lazy and disinterested outlook. Brand consistency is essential especially when it’s broadcasted nationwide. You want the right message to be transmitted, not the wrong one.

Avoiding the mistakes

Now, avoiding errors is easy enough. The general rule of thumb, not for everything but for most things, is you pay for what you get. If you try to save costs, you might damage your company in a different way and negatively affect reputation. Paying higher prices for higher quality print will solve text blurring and colour fading issues, and of course quality of the material itself.

However, if your campaign contains multiple-products and is being distributed to multiple-sites, you might need an extra hand. I might be biased, but here is where a print management company can really add value. Here at TP Media all our suppliers are vetted and held to a certain quality ensuring the best products at the best prices. We ensure brand consistency with rigorous colour analysis and everything is quality checked by us before distribution. We confirm all the design work and partner closely with our clients to ensure that no mistakes are distributed out to the consumers.

All this and more means that when working with us mistakes are unheard of, and you can be sure that your campaign will convey the right message. You can trust in us to care about your brand, and understand how important it is.